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Teaching you WHY people behave the way they do so you can understand your partner's needs, desires and motivations from the inside out.

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Which crisis or challenges are you currently facing in your relationship?







Women tell men they want nice guys but end up sleeping with the douchebags. Evolutionary biology and mating strategy teaches us women want the alpha douchebag type for short-term mating and prefer the reliable nice guy for long-term mating but ideally want the reliable alpha long-term.

Women believe men only want women for sex and their beauty. Evolutionary biology and mating strategy teaches us men want beautiful women for short-term mating but will go down in looks for long-term qualities of a wife, which include; cooperation, purity, fitness, femininity, childless and submissiveness (not to be mixed with subservience).


What would your life look like if your current problem no longer existed?

How much is getting your relationship and yourself back on track worth to you?

If I was to offer you a solution right now, would you take it?

Learn to understand your partner in ways that very few coaches or therapists use. Understand your partner's short-term and long-term needs through evolutionary biology and psychology.

As a certified Counsellor with accreditation in Relationship Counselling and a Mind Coach, I've been helping people like you for the last 5yrs. I teach you the common causes of relationship failures and how to deal with the root causes with tested strategies and knowledge backed by science that will remain with you for a lifetime. Techniques you can teach your children that you and I were never taught by our parents and the education system.

With my own happy, healthy marriage of over 5 years, I want to teach you how to get the same results; from the first time you meet someone, to building a successful and happy meaningful relationship to preventing break up situations.

I've spent the last decade learning the skills, knowledge and experience needed to attract and maintain healthy, happy relationships and marriages. I want to teach you the tools that keep my marriage balanced and secure.

"No risk to you guarantee"

I don't intend to waste your time so that's why I'm going to personally give you, what I like to call the 'steal my stuff guarantee'.

If you don't find my counselling/coaching valuable to you with the first 2 paid sessions, let me know and I'll refund your money. So, you've got nothing to lose if already what you're doing isn't working. Just let me know why the sessions isn't working for you and what I can do in the future to improve my service.

What is the cost of making excuses, inaction and procrastination?

  • What will be the ongoing cost physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • What is the cost of divorce or separation financially and legally?

  • What is the cost of time needed to heal from the break-up and find someone else?

  • What is the cost of ongoing issues from trauma caused afterwards?

  • What are the chances of being able to get yourself back up and find love again?

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Why my Counselling/Coaching is different to other therapists and coaches

I combine a decade of experience and study in behavioural psychology, evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. As a certified therapist and relationship counsellor, I use an Integrative Therapy approach using a combination of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), REBT (Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and PCT (Person Centred therapy) techniques. The combination of coaching and therapy brings together a natural mix that gives my methods flexibility of approach and a dynamic style based on scientifically tried and tested methods.

This isn't an instant fix or overnight solution. The work I do takes different length of time with different couples and individuals but that's what makes the solution long-term and often permanent.

What I teach you is empowerment! How to be the version of yourself that is genuinely attractive as a person, that makes your partner want to be with you because you're too good to let go.

I teach you the psychology of people and how to use that knowledge to empower and create meaningful relationships and roles within your life. If this is something you love the sound of, then get in touch as I have limited slots.