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Why do women say they want one thing and then do the exact opposite?

What do women really want?

Do nice guys really finish last?

Is there a difference between attraction vs arousal?

Have you only experienced transactional sex instead of genuine desire sex?

These are some of many questions that can only be answered by understanding female and male nature and the evolutionary needs and motivations of men and women related to the our mating strategies.

If infidelity was painful in the past, today it is traumatic. This is primarily due to the bucket list of expectations that modern people have created for relationships and their partners.

Infidelity is an adaptation evolved by both men and women using different strategies as a mechanism to reproduce by overcoming the obstacles the other partner may present in a relationship without providing the promised needs. For men it’s using the quantity approach and for women the quality approach.

The ability for two unrelated strangers to come together and cooperate in an intimate setting is the foundation of creating and maintaining a nuclear family. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the sexual revolution of the 1970s most men and women have lost the skill and knowledge necessary to do this today. In order to really grasp the intricate motivations and drives for our mating success it is imperative to understand each other's mating natures.

In the past religion and culture helped to regulate both men and women’s sexual desires by providing incentives to sacrifice short-term strategies for both sides for long-term ones, resulting in monogamy and marriage. Today such incentives are no longer present due to breakdown of the core factors religion protected; religion, human intellect, life, property, human dignity and family.

With a lack of relationship skills, long-term mate qualities and the patience needed to build a successful relationship, men are no longer seeking marriage because the short-term strategy is prevalent in the modern world and the benefits it provides far outweighs a contractual marriage today.

In these books on infidelity, I share the science and reasons behind the motivations men and women require to seek marriage and commitment and how to regulate and prevent infidelity as much as possible. What you'll learn, is not found in mainstream advice or regurgitated Instagram memes.