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Why do women say they want one thing and then do the exact opposite?

What do women really want?

Do nice guys really finish last?

Is there a difference between attraction vs arousal?

Have you only experienced transactional sex instead of genuine desire sex?

These are some of many questions that can only be answered by understanding female hypergamy and the evolutionary needs and motivations of women related to their covert mating strategies.

If infidelity was painful in the past, today it is traumatic. This is primarily due to the bucket list of expectations that modern people have created for relationships and their partners.

In the past relationships were founded on practical needs and building of generational legacy through the cooperative alliance of man and woman. Today they are built on sexual desire, emotional needs and the focus of happiness and fulfilment through the partner.

Female Hypergamy looks to balance the equation of the provider male with the genetically optimised male using the quality approach. With this balancing of need as the ultimate outcome, and a covert mating strategy, women’s behaviour often presents as contradictory to what they tell men they want to what they show by action.

Infidelity is one such adaptation evolved by both men and women as a mechanism to reproduce. For men it’s using the quantity approach and for women the quality approach.

This book helps to decode this exact behaviour in relationship to women’s evolutionary adaptations that often manifest as infidelity. To help men navigate female behaviour and their covert mating strategies used to achieve their hypergamous goals.

In order to understand why women, seek alternate partners for mating whilst having a provider male, we must look at infidelity from three angles. The cheater, the betrayed and infidelity as an objective action.